Captivating Essay Writing Topics To Give You The Best Score

Why is there so much attention on a topic in essay writing yet it only occupies a few lines at the top of a paper that is several thousand words? Well, the answer lies in the role played by the topic of any paper.

Tells a Reader What You Are Writing About
The content of a paper can be deduced from the topic. If the paper is talking about rockets and space crafts, you can deduce that it is on science. If you are looking for an english essay paper to read, you will check at the topics available and determine whether it will meet your expectations of not. This means that the people who pick and read your paper will be guided by the topic you choose. You need to make a choice that fits within your academic intentions.

Gives the Scope
You can easily tell the scope or depth of a paper based on its topic. A perfect example is a paper in history. An author will indicate “The history of American elections after the Second World War”. Such a topic tells you to look elsewhere if the interest is American elections before WWII. This is why experts insist that essay topics must be very specific. Readers cannot be required to read through all papers to find information. They need to focus on a few whose scope is within their area of interest.

Gives the Perspective
A reader will have an idea of your area of focus based on the topic you choose. For instance, a reader can differentiate between an argumentative essay and a persuasive one based on the topic you choose. You must remain faithful to the perspective in your writing.

Defines the Grade
The scope of your topic defines the academic grade you are writing for. For instance, topics on a persuasive essay about space or military issues cannot be studied in lower grades. There are topics for dissertations and others for grade four and five.
Here are excellent argumentative essay topics to consider for your paper.

  1. Are elections the best way people can participate in governing their nation?
  2. Private ownership of sporting teams is killing the stake supporters have in their success
  3. Online payment systems are making financial transactions more vulnerable to cyber attacks
  4. Parents should have a greater say in the career choices of their children
  5. Calories are not the reason people have weight problems
  6. There are aliens spying on the earth, governments must admit
  7. The future is not yet technology. Technology only acts as an enabler
  8. Nations are becoming more protectionist than collaborative
  9. Governments should not donate funds to other countries while their own citizens are languishing in poverty
  10. Education should be localized to meet the needs of different nations
  11. Developing countries need to look inwards to solve their problems
  12. Private companies should be taxed and funds directed to education since they are major beneficiaries

Get proofread essay examples to see how the topic fits within the content in the body of such a paper. Consult your teacher to guide you on how to choose a captivating topic. Remember that the quality of your topic will affect that of your paper.

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