The Most Captivating Essay Ideas And Proofread Examples

There are high expectations for your college essay. You are expected to produce the most captivating topic to headline your paper. Writing experts at My Custom Essay contend that choosing an interesting title is not optional for any writer. This is because of the role played by topics in writing and academia.

  • A topic points at the ideas addressed in a paper. For a reader, this guides you on whether to continue reading or abandon the paper.
  • The topic will also give your perspective on an issue. A reader can tell whether you are agreeing with a point, disagreeing, comparing and contrasting, or trying to persuade a reader. This is why persuasive essay topics are structurally different from compare and contrast or descriptive topics.
  • A topic provides the limits you will cover a subject. For instance, you may want to explore the history of art in the Elizabethan era. This means that a person looking for history in the mediaeval age will turn away from your paper.
  • A topic also shows your stand on an issue. This is especially for persuasive and opinion writing.

If titles play such an important role, it is important to choose the topics to write about with caution. The topic should reflect the instructions given. Failure to reflect instructions means that it does not meet the expectations. A topic must also represent the content of your paper.

Here are excellent topics to consider for your common app essay and other subjects.

  1. Is homework still serving its purpose in the education system?
  2. School performance is not a true measure of the intellect of an individual
  3. International business is oppressive to developing countries
  4. Oil from conflict zones should be shunned just as diamond and other minerals are avoided
  5. Parents have left the role of bringing up children to televisions and celebrities
  6. Dogmatic churches will outlive the Pentecostal churches
  7. Religion has no connection to terrorism
  8. Conflicts around the world will be solved by equitable sharing of resources and not democracy
  9. Big technology firms should pay people for use of their platforms
  10. Technology firms must reveal the actions they take with data collected from subscribers
  11. Reality shows give viewers a false idea of life and should therefore provide a disclaimer

Even experts admit that good essay writing topics for college are not easy to find. The challenge becomes where to find captivating ideas that will spice your work. Other than compromise your performance with a mundane topic, here are excellent sources of captivating ideas for your paper.

  • Author Suggestions –writers of books, journals, articles and other academic materials encounter challenges finding resources. They propose ideas that are yet to be explored in their “Recommendation” section. Pick these recommendations and base your paper on them.
  • Your tutor- request your tutor to provide suggestions on topics for writing. The suggestions could also be accompanied with college essay examples to guide you on what is expected. Your tutor will never mislead you.
  • News Items-news items are made of issues that are relevant to people in different sectors. These concerns can be used to formulate a topic for your paper. They are fresh and relevant, meeting the threshold required of a title.

The best essay topics and ideas are those driven by passion. Passion will enable you to produce captivating and insightful work. Your paper will be much sort after because of the topic.

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