Top Essay Subjects

The foundation of any essay piece is the subject. Finding a suitable subject for your essay can be a daunting task if you don’t have one. Most learners get tempted with titles that appeal to their interests and passions. However, essays have different categories, and the topic chosen should suit the category of essay you want to write about. So what are some of the title ideas to consider when writing an essay?

Best Essay Subjects to Consider

Once you understand and settle on any of the four types of essays to write. That is narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository essay types. You can consider essay subjects like;

  • Do video games that are adult-rated provoke viciousness in society?
  • Effects of social media on a person’s interpersonal skills
  • Is isolationism a gateway to drug addiction on certain people?
  • Primary causes and consequences of global warming?
  • Is cognitive ability positively influenced by learning a new dialect?
  • The effect junk food has on the immunity of an individual
  • Role of advertising in promoting stereotypes of women and men in mass media
  • The effects and causes of high school bullying
  • What are the reasons for teenage smoking, and how it affects their wellbeing?
  • History of Christianity: Effects, causes and general impact in the world
  • Is nationwide abolishment of the death punishment necessary?
  • Potential impacts of marijuana legalization in hindering or helping the productivity of the society?
  • Is society too reliant on technology?
  • The economic viability of leasing a vehicle instead of buying it
  • Is it necessary to prohibit tobacco distribution and production?
  • Debate: Disney has wasted Star Wars through targeting children and not longtime fans
  • The undesirable impact of celebrity model obsession on teenage self-esteem
  • Rock music encourages viciousness and exalts drugs despite having a constructive message
  • Approve or differ: when it comes to rap tunes, it is important not to isolate the author from the music
  • Should university graduates make more cash than those who haven’t graduated?
  • Ways technology hampers society
  • Should health care be more affordable?
  • Should the government pay for university education in response to higher taxes?
  • Long-lasting depression effects on the body
  • Reasons why certain individuals choose violence instead of communication
  • Similarities of monkeys to humans and their differences to other animals
  • Mechanisms of a virus and bacterial infection in humans
  • Discover an Amish’s typical day. How they survive without technology
  • Explain how the use of present technology can construct a base on the surface of the moon.
  • Demonstrate how asteroid excavation can develop the economy of the world and stop global warming
  • Should regulations for unlawful immigrants be stricter or less strict?
  • Steps the society can take to reduce racism and its effects
  • Is there an improved way of managing the music censorship state?
  • Will cryptocurrency be a critical element of the global economy?
  • Reasons for procrastination. Steps to take to overcome it
  • Explain how a musical instrument works.
  • Clarify the manufacture of a watch
  • Describe how communism works in China
  • Explain the existing role a monarch plays in the UK
  • Articulate ways the reader can increase their output.
  • Explain Socrates’s trial significance on the history
  • Ways students can save cash in college
  • The most significant things to expect when purchasing a new vehicle
  • Criteria to use in choosing between Microsoft and Apple
  • The influence of the effects of placebo on today’s medicine
  • Explain the genetic predisposition of teens to rebel at a specific age
  • The indiscernible mystical aspect of music: expound on how music influences the brain.


Checking out this catalog of essay subjects that cuts across the different types of essays will help you in your decision making and writing. Research the choice subject carefully to write an excellent flowing essay.

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