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July 2015 Theme: Summer Book Triple-Feature!

I began as a sci-fi writer with my first published novel, Thy Kingdom Fall, back in 2013. Now I’m a multi-genre author and the “madness” keeps on coming. For the past few months, I’ve been busy at work on my new cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool, and both the first novel and its prequel will release soon! Here’s a recent blog post on the series: HERE

But my original After Eden science fiction and international thriller series is still going strong with the new July 1st release of Pure Conspiracy. I wrote it as a special novel to introduce new readers to this bold, some say prophetic, action-adventure sci-fi series. I also re-released the After Eden novella, Metal Flesh, with its new cool cover. See it HERE with a glimpse of the old cover too. Learn all about the After Eden universe HERE — eighty years in our future. The fourth main novel in the series comes out later this year.

So July begins our summer triple-feature for your reading pleasure.

Pure Conspiracy + Metal Flesh + Liquid Cool!

New subscribers to my VIP Readers’ Club get Metal Flesh free, but later this month I will switch to offering my Liquid Cool prequel. You can sign up HERE if you’re not a member yet!

Featured Series!

As a multi-genre author, 2015 is going to be a busy year. Upcoming for this year will be more science fiction and new series in YA and fantasy. My current series are:

The After Eden Series is my current science fiction and international thriller series. The newest novel is Pure Conspiracy! See the Series Page HERE

The Liquid Cool Series is my upcoming cyberpunk detective series. See the inspirational images below.



Inspirational Artwork

for my upcoming Cyberpunk Detective series


Cyberpunk Cop

Cyberpunk Smoker

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