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November 2015 Theme: Readers and Fans Rule!

A Great Year Three Nears Its End!

In April 2013, I became a first-time published author with the debut of my international, science fiction After Eden series, Thy Kingdom Fall and later that year, Stars & Scorpions–both of which I will be re-releasing. In 2014, I released another two After Eden books.

Incredibly, in 2015, my third year as an author, I released three more After Eden novels, and officially became a multi-genre writer with my Sleepy Hollow Horrors (Hollow Blood and The Devil’s Patch) and my new cyberpunk detective series, Liquid Cool–its prequel short These Mean Streets, Darkly is already out.

If you told me when I began in 2013, that I’d have nine (soon to be eleven books) out in three years, I would have said you were crazy. The final books to be released this year will be the complete After Eden Tek-Fall mini-series in one book (including paperback) and the eagerly anticipated debut Liquid Cool novel.

As in the past, I take the entire month of December off from blogging and social media, with a few exceptions. So for this month of November I’m going to feature some of fan-favorite posts, while, of course, I focus on getting my Liquid Cool debut novel out as soon as possible.

Who knows? I may even have a Christmas surprise for you next month.

So I tip my hat to all my readers and fans. My motto will always be: “Readers Rule.” 2016 will be even bigger and better as I not only get even better at the craft but also the business.

Enjoy the books! You have three series and four genres to pick from.

…The Future is almost here!

LIQUID COOL – My New Upcoming Cyberpunk Detective Series!


“Metropolis isn’t a bad place, but it isn’t a good one either.”

My new series is Liquid Cool—a cyberpunk (sci-fi) detective series. It’s prequel (short) is out now—These Mean Streets, Darkly. Until the official release of the first novel, this 50-page short, will introduce you to this dark, grimy, futuristic world. The tag-line of the series (and cyberpunk) is “High Tech, Low Life.” But I can never do anything the same as everyone else. With rain-filled skies of hover-cars, it’s a “world of skyscrapers,” uber-governments, mega-corporations, tech-trickster hackers, digital samurai gangsters, and analog cyborg hustlers. It’s “grime and crime” in the super-city of Metropolis. It is cyberpunk reimagined!

Stay tuned for the official release date.

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As a multi-genre author, 2015 has been a busy year! My current series are:

THE LIQUID COOL SERIES is my upcoming cyberpunk detective series beginning with the prequel novella, These Means Streets, Darkly. See the inspirational images below.

THE AFTER EDEN SERIES is my current science fiction and international thriller series. The newest novel is Pure Conspiracy! See the Series Page HERE.  

THE SLEEPY HOLLOW HORRORS is my two-part classic horror series. The next chapter in the Ichabod Crane “disappearance.” See the Series Page HERE


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for my upcoming LIQUID COOL Cyberpunk Detective series


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